B3IG3 is a curatorial and performative platform which is run, hosted  and curated by Andreas Knag-Danielsen. B3IG3 utilizes a hotel room and invites artists to work with its specific context.
B3IG3 will be hosted by different drag queen characters that will guide its audience through a journey of queerness, otherness and  the merging of the physical and the digital world.

Andreas Knag-Danielsen (b. 1983, Bergen, Norway) works with different medias with a focus on digital media, performance and objects. His work deals with the interrelation between the human body and technology and is often driven by an exploration of systems and patterns, converting digital technology into the physical world. The resulting works are often reflections about identity, representation and abstraction in relation to the human body.


During 2015-2017 he worked for the artist-run gallery gallericc.se in Malmö (SE). In 2018 he started the performative and curatorial project b3ig3.com.
Selected curatorial work for Galleri CC: ”Sea of Men”, Jennifer Chan (CAN), 2-29/11 2015, ”Glass Double”, Anne Guro Larsmon (NO) & Sandra Vaka Olsen (NO), 1-24/4 2016, ”TOTEMS”, Lars Korff Lofthus (NO), 3-26/3 2017.