B3IG3 x Rogaland Kunstsenter present

Hanni Kamaly & Nils Ekman

Ebb and Flow

Hosted by MOIST

B3IG3, in collaboration with Rogaland Kunstsenter, present an art experience out of the ordinary at Clarion Hotel Stavanger. Come and experience art works by Hanni Kamaly and Nils Ekman with B3IG3 as a host. B3IG3 is an exhibition concept by the norwegian artist Andreas Knag-Danielsen, where a drag character guides you to an art exhibition in a hotel room. It is the third time B3IG3 is being arranged and we are proud to present the project in Stavanger.

Kamaly and Ekman present a site specific exhibition in a hotel room with sculptures and video works. The title for the exhibition is “Ebb and Flow”, in norwegian “Flo and Fjære”. Kamaly’s sculptures are long and fragile. They represent otherness and alienation. The stranger, or the other, is a figure we often meet in popular culture, storytelling and in our everyday life. How do “we” relate to the other? The abstract sculptures of Kamaly is moving between dead and living material, industrial and organic, in a floating state, as the tide's continuous state of mind. These synthesized figures meets the hyperrealistic videos of Ekman in the hotel room, and in this interaction a new hole emerges that can only be experienced one night only at Clarion Hotel Stavanger.

The night will be lead by B3IG3 which is a curatorial and performative plattform created by Knag-Danielsen. B3IG3 always takes place at a hotel and the hosts are different characters created and performed by Knag-Danielsen, based on drag aesthetics, ideas of otherness and the meeting between the digital and physical world.

Hanni Kamaly (b. 1988, Hamar, Norway) is an artist based in Malmö that works with sculpture, video and performance-lectures. Central in her art practice revolves around the body, as a subject, but also as a canvas where we project norms, ideologies and power structures. Kamaly have education from The International Art Academy of Palestine, The Academy of Art and Design in Bergen and she received her MFA at Malmö Art Academy in 2016. Kamaly have had solo shows at ALMANAC in London, Skånes Konstförening in Malmö, Tag-Team Studio in Bergen and at All Welcome in Vilnius.

Nils Ekman (b. 1990, Gothenburg, Sweden) is an artist that works with digital animation and sculpture. His art practice focus on the relationship between representation and materiality, genesis and how technology forms our perception of reality and the human body. Central in his art practice is the idea about the prototype as a surrogate for what is. Ekman has a MFA from Malmö Art Academy.

Andreas Knag-Danielsen (b. 1983, Bergen, Norway) works as an artist and curator with a focus on digital media, performance and objects. He often works with the interrelation between the human body and technology, and how digital technology manifests itself physically where he is interested in questions about identity, the internet and representation. Knag-Danielsen have education from The Academy of Art and Design in Bergen, Berlin Weissensee School of Art and Umeå Art Academy. Knag-Danielsen have previously exhibited at Kunstnernes Hus, Performance Art Bergen, Verdens Ende Kunstforening and at Bildmuseet, Fotografiska and Malmö Konsthall in Sweden, as well as exhibiting abroad. Knag-Danielsen was a part of running the artist-run space Galleri CC in Malmö in 2015-2017. In 2018 he started B3IG3. Knag-Danielsen is also a part of the artist duo Knaggi with artist Arngrímur Borgþórsson.

Rogaland Kunstsenter is an artist-run institution for visual art located in Stavanger, Norway. The art center develops and performs art projects. Rogaland Kunstsenter works with the project Luringen as a part of its programming. Luringen is based on the Norse god Loke, that was a “luring” (a fool, a tricker). He changed his gender, among many things, to accomplish his goals. Luringen looks as queer as a wide term, that goes beyond sexuality and gender. Luringen was arranged for the first time in Bogota, Colombia, during the KUIR festival. Here, Luringen showed works by A.R.M., Melanie Bonajo, Christophe Hamaide Pierson, Trygve Luktvasslimo and Tori Wrånes, organized by Geir Haraldseth and Stina Högkvist. The next editions was presented during Haugaland Pride with Charlotte Tarantino, Herman Mbamba and Jone Tou, in collaboration with Haugaland Pride, Rom For and The Art Scene, and at Rogaland Kunstsenter with Trygve Luktvasslimo, in collaboration with Stavanger på Skeiva and FRI (The Society for Gender and Sexual Diversity) rogalandkunstsenter.no


Costume design/hair/make-up: Andreas Knag-Danielsen
Costume production: Johan LundinAndreas Knag-Danielsen

The costume is based on the artwork Swipe (2017) by Andreas Knag-Danielsen where the artist scanned his finger tips in the same tempo as the light beam of the scanner. This technique creates lines which mimic what a smartphone ”sees” as we swipe our fingers across the glass of our smartphones.

B3IG3 visitors

Photo: Raffaele Piano

Video documentation

Video: Raffaele Piano
Editing: Raffaele Piano, Andreas Knag-Danielsen

Suite 613

Clarion Hotel Stavanger

Hanni Kamaly
WOMAN (2015)
180x53x138 cm

Hanni Kamaly
JAMAL (2018)
Steel, aluminium mesh, mirrors, thread
77x55x112 cm

Hanni Kamaly
166x126x161 cm

Nils Ekman
Etox Vernalis (2018)
HD video (48 sec, loop), laser cut plexi glass, wire
109x44 cm

Photo: Raffaele Piano