B3IG3 x Sofia Wickman x Gallery Extra presents

Johan Lundin &
Christopher Füllemann

Drag and Drop

Radisson Collection Royal Hotel Copenhagen (DK)

Welcome to the 4th edition of B3IG3 8th of June at Radisson Collection Royal Hotel Copenhagen!

👉 You will experience being guided by a drag character to see an exhibition and two performances inside a hotel room.
👉 Meet up in the lobby between 19:00-22:00.
👉 The event is free and open for everyone.
👉 Note that you will be photographed and filmed as part of the peformances.
👉 Please see more info about the event below.

B3IG3, in collaboration with artist and curator Sofia Wickman and the curatorial platform Gallery Extra presents Johan Lundin (SE) and Christopher Füllemann (CH) Drag and Drop at Radisson Collection Royal Hotel Copenhagen 8th of June 2019 19:00-22:00.


Lundin and Füllemann presents a site specific exhibition consisting of performance, VR technology and sculpture. Lundin has created an installation using drag, performance and VR technology where they take on an alter-ego to make transitions between the digital, fictional and physical world. Inside us, around us, among us we drag and drop. In the digital worlds we are all just a bunch of binary numbers creating a never ending mesh of imaginaries, looping our senses into future impossibilities. Lundin likes the idea of being able to reshape – making the real to be virtual and the virtual to be real. Füllemann presents a series of sculptures that challenges the domestic environment and emphasizes the experience of forms and materials as living organisms. During the time of the exhibition, a performance will investigate the idea of shared privacy and vulnerability. With explorations on the forms of intimacies as a fundamental approach to create a space for shared knowledge, the work examines the boundaries of the private/public, while it also highlights an economy of proximity that resists dominant structures and norms. Füllemann sees it as a liquid landscape to bring together emotions and experiences.

The event is led by B3IG3 which is a curatorial and performative platform created by Andreas Knag-Danielsen. B3IG3 always takes place at a hotel and the host(ess) are different characters created and performed by Knag-Danielsen, based on drag aesthetics, ideas of otherness and the meeting between the digital and physical world.

JOHAN LUNDIN (b. 1988, Lund, Sweden) is an artist producing performance, installation and video. The performativity and audience interactivity could be understood through relating to the notion of dance as going in to a role, taking on a mission or a character. An approach is communicated of a setting to always be understood through the character enacting the space, living it, putting life and character in to it, dancing in it. Stating that by the act of dancing one can choose to enhance a setting, see the setting as something else, relate to the setting in alternative ways or make the setting disappear completely. Johan is educated at Konstfack University College of Arts Crafts and Design (SE), Steneby School of Design and Crafts (SE), Bergen Academy of Art and Design (NO), Royal Institute of Art (SE), School of Dance and Circus (SE) and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SE). johanlundin.com

GALLERY EXTRA is a curatorial platform for art with focus on performance. The project is run by a lot of alter ego characters mainly performed by Johan Lundin. The core in this way of working with art is mobility and communal power and the possibility of collaboration to create a stable but continuously changing production platform. galleryextra.com

CHRISTOPHER FÜLLEMANN (b. 1983, Lusanne, Switzerland). Füllemann graduated from Lausanne University of Art and Design/ECAL in 2008. In 2012, Füllemann obtained a Master in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute/SFAI and received the SFAI Outstanding Award in Sculpture. He was awarded with the Swiss Art Award 2011 and the Gustave Buchet Award in 2013, which included a solo show at the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne, Switzerland. Füllemann presented his work in Museum Langmatt in Baden in 2016, at the 2017 Long Night of Museums in Basel, and showed at Duve Gallery Berlin. He also collaborated with the artists Charlotte Herzig and Elise Lammer on travelling multi disciplinary exhibitions and performances, as well as Florence Peake and Eve Stainton on a performance at The Place, London. Recently, Christopher Füllemann presented a sculpture event at U-Jasdowski Center for Contemporary Arts in Warsaw in collaboration with the collective KEM, collaborated with Simone Aughterlony on the design and realization of sculptures for her new performance at Gessnerallee Zürich and exhibited his work at Galleri CC in Malmö. He is currently working in Zürich and London. christopherfullemann.com

SOFIA WICKMAN (b. 1978, Malmö, Sweden) is an artist, curator and producer for performing arts. She obtained a BA in Audio Visual Media at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2012 and is currently based in Malmö. In her artistic practice Wickman works with multi-disciplinary media and audiovisuals. Her work refers to her own life, focusing on the individual, human relationships and the concept of belonging as well as the relationship between memory and time, places and people and the contradicting nature of mankind. In her curatorial practice Wickman takes a great interest in spatial and sculptural work with cross disciplinary tendencies. Wickman is currently an independent curator as well a part of the curatorial crew of Galleri CC in Malmö (SE). sofiawickman.com

ANDREAS KNAG-DANIELSEN (b. 1983, Bergen, Norway) works with different medias with a focus on the digital realm, performance and objects. His work deals with the interrelation between the human body and technology and is often driven by an exploration of systems and patterns, converting digital technology in to the physical world. The resulting works are often reflections about identity, representation and abstraction in relation to the human body. Since 2011 he has been collaborating with Arngrímur Borgþórsson as the artist duo knaggi.com. Knag-Danielsen also works as a curator. During 2015-2017 he worked for the artist-run gallery Galleri CC in Malmö (SE). In 2018 he started the performative and curatorial project B3IG3.  andreasknag-danielsen.com

Video credit:
Photo: Raffaele Piano
Editing: Raffaele Piano, Andreas Knag-Danielsen

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