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New Notification


Here is how it works:
👉 You will experience being guided by a drag character to view an exhibition inside a hotel room.
👉 Meet up in the lobby between 18:00-21:00.
👉 The event is free and open to anyone.
👉 Please note that you will be photographed and filmed as part of the event.

Robots scroll like dead workers.

The android thinks like a shiny human.
Why does the human think?

Sexy, sexy computers sparkly get a dusty, dark sparkle.
The rude sparkle openly dreams the sparkle.
Never print a sparkle.

Never love a humanoid.
All humanoids caress cold, shiny pentagrams.
Where is the download screen?

Scroll calmly like a faceless humanoid.
Where is the faceless humanoid?

The glossy human calmly licks the human.
Internet, attraction.
Big keyboards.
A rude username.
A hot username.
Where is the sexy light?
Think digitally like a sexy human.
Rude, sexy androids.
Never disconnect the adapter.

Never disconnect a flower.
Never get a computer.

Why does the bot work?
Why does the worker dream?

Lights grow like fast swords.


Pastelae describes her practice as surreal, sexy, with dream layers and real layers, mostly automatic, hypnotic and psychedelic with a lot of internet feelings, pastel cyborgs and twerking aliens. She's from Piteå, Sweden and her art combines Scandinavian minimalism and a cool pastel color palette with crazy fantasy creatures and net throwbacks. For the exhibition “New notification” curated by B3IG3 in collaboration with Museum Anna Nordlander, she has materialized her digital world into a physical space using multiple tv screens creating an installation inside the Superior Plus Suit of Aurum Hotel Skellefteå.

The event is led by B3IG3 which is a curatorial and performative platform created by Andreas Knag-Danielsen. B3IG3 always takes place at a hotel and the hosts are different characters created and performed by Knag-Danielsen, based on  drag aesthetics, a love-hate relationship with technology and the meeting between the digital and physical world.


Josefin Jonsson (b. 1984, Piteå, Sweden), is a digital artist, painter, and sculptor working mainly with 3D animation. From her studio in Piteå she has been running her Instagram platform Pastelae since 2014. Her works often express the manic and depressed states of bipolar disorder, channeled through an attraction to computer technology and internet culture. Her work often touches upon subjects like spirituality, sexuality, gender fluidity, futurism and transformation, sometimes with both humor and fashion.
She studied traditional art at Sunderby Folkhögskola 2013–2018 and an introduction to indie game design in 2016. Selected exhibitions include Goddessphere at Miami Art Basel 2016, Post Vision, GIPHY and Superchief Gallery and Waves x irl gallery in Gothenborg. Her work has been featured in Dazed Beauty and Vice Magazine and she has done commissioned work for Brooke Candy, Pussy Riot, Mykki Blanco, The Gang Gang Gang, Albin Myers, Cupcakke, Vita Bergen, Melanie Martinez and Skrillex, making music videos, album art and artwork for online promotion. 

Andreas Knag-Danielsen (b. 1983, Bergen, Norway) works with different medias with a focus on the digital realm, performance and objects. His work deals with the interrelation between the human body and technology and is often driven by an exploration of systems and patterns, converting digital technology in to the physical world. The resulting works are often reflections about identity, representation and abstraction in relation to the human body where he uses his own queer body as a starting point.
Knag-Danielsen also works as a curator. During 2015-2017 he worked for the artist-run gallery Galleri CC in Malmö (SE). In 2018 he started the performative and curatorial project B3IG3. Previous B3IG3 events has featured artists Rasmus Östebro (SE), Sasha Panyuta (US), Hanni Kamaly (NO), Nils Ekman (SE), Johan Lundin (SE), Christopher Füllemann (CH), Sofia Wickman (SE) and collaborations with Rogaland Kunstsenter and Gallery Extra.

B3IG3 visitors

Photo: Raffaele Piano

Video documentation

Video: Raffaele Piano
Editing: Andreas Knag-Danielsen
Music: Pastelae, YouTube (open source)

Aurum Hotel Skellefteå

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