Friday 20 April 2018

There is No
entry past this hallway
Already you know what is. Past 2
you knew.
Your sweet
mind cannot keep up with your sweet mind which
and then recovers
facts to
Your own minds absorption
of delight!
A pattern of light and time which allows
Delight to come or not come
in so many shades
and now,
now that you feel age.
A tear feels good, not bad.
You feel it in the cracks of thought,
your skin in winter;
never mind reality or psoriasis or
the ditches of children that can’t be photographed on Mars.
I’ll be dead before beauty or knowing what is, is found.
You feel it blurred in Hypochondriacal and Sycophantic choices of the menu
Which also feels awkward as
Shaking hands with a child. And familiar as the growth of sadness in the skin of all mothers' eyes.
A guitar weeping isn’t so foreign now.
Your mind is aflutter
with the millennium-clad absorption of
Why not? Is it far to the aspirin.
Shaking hands with this
Barely 2-year-old that plain-to-see
See’s nothing but what is There.
There are too many of us
pushing out of the bad museum.
The "How-many-years-old-am-I?" Song is even structured now to bore new
Ears. Plus Puss
leaking and is it ok to have
skin shedding from them, within?
To be uninformed?
You see
the children just being told
about the planets, recall,
picking aesthetically a favorite:
JUPITER! With a spot.
Picking the ones that are different.
Depose the heart.
Will your interest.
Depose memory.
Cannot care what happens next.
Text by Nicholas Shapland

SASHA PANYUTA (b. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia) deals with ideas of contemporary communication, relationships, and personal experiences. The friction in relationships, those interactions or feelings which are inconvenient or which we keep private, as well as the body’s undeniable materiality all laced with a melancholic humor constantly resurface throughout her practice. Utilizing both traditional mediums as well as everyday materials she creates objects and images which look critically but also humorously at a sort of post-humanist way of living from a semi-cynical point of view (but the good kind).

B3IG3 is a curatorial and performative platform which is run, hosted and curated by Andreas Knag-Danielsen. B3IG3 utilizes a hotel room and invites artists to work with its specific context.
B3IG3 is hosted by different drag queen characters that guides its audience through a journey of queerness, otherness and the merging of the physical and the digital world.

ANDREAS KNAG-DANIELSEN (b. 1983, Bergen, Norway) works with different medias with a focus on digital media, performance and objects. His work deals with the interrelation between the human body and technology and is often driven by an exploration of systems and patterns, converting digital technology in to the physical world. The resulting works are often reflections about identity, representation and abstraction in relation to the human body.

During 2015-2017 he worked for the artist-run gallery Galleri CC in Malmö (SE). In 2018 he started the performative and curatorial project B3IG3.

Selected curatorial work for Galleri CC: Jennifer Chan (CAN) ”Sea of Men”, 2-29/11 2015, Anne Guro Larsmon (NO) & Sandra Vaka Olsen (NO) ”Glass Double”, 1-24/4 2016, Lars Korff Lofthus (NO) ”TOTEMS”, 3-26/3 2017.

Credits: Sasha Panyuta for a fabulous exhibition and collaboration, Raffaele Piano for photographing, filming, video editing and loving support, Alexander Norton for co-hosting, and many thanks to Lindner Hotel Am Ku'Damm Berlin for your generosity.